Enjoy Norwich and Norfolk with eating our delicious kebabs and pizzas delivered to your door.

Norwich is a wonderful  blend of the modern and historic. Like any great city its centre is easy to walk around and has a river at its heart where you can enjoy our delicious kebabs and pizzas with your friends and family.  You can ask us to cook your kebabs or pizzas and we can deliver it your location.  We know Norwich is the most complete medieval city in the UK and Shaneys Grill is one of the top Take Away restaurant where you will be delighted to explore.  You can explore flourishing arts, music and cultural scene, High Street Shopping stores and lively bars and nightlife.

If you are after sightseeing and attractions then Norwich will not disappoint you.  Norwich as the highest market in Europe,  museums and theatres, ancient pubs and cobbled streets such as Elm Hill, Timber Hill and Tombland.  

Why dont you visit Shaneys Grill and explore our delicious Kebabs and Pizzas? if you can't make it to our take away then we can make it to you and deliver freshly cooked Kebabs and Pizzas to your door. You just need to use our new website and place your order and we can prepare your meal either for collection or delivery to 8 miles radius to Norwich and Norfolk NR8 6QW

If you are a visitor, dont waste your time with cooking  and leave it to our chefs. You will have all this extra time to explore our city.